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Welcome to our website, built to help you learn more about us and the care we can provide to you and those close to you. Ebrahim Haji Health Centre, we pride ourselves in caring for and meeting the needs of all of our patientsā€”infants, children, teens, adults, and seniors.

Message from the Administrator

The Success of any organization lies with the Planners & the People to achieve the intended Progress. The Institution of Ebrahim Haji Charitable Health Centre had been blessed with the most committed team of Board Members and the Medical Team Who has a clear vision for the community to provide them with the best of quality medical service. The Institution has grown with time and has provided better service in terms of improved infrastructure in the Laboratory/Pharmacy and other patient areas where it can now accommodate a larger number of people compared to the past. This has come along with great support from the Community and public at large who have identified Ebrahim Haji as the best in town.
It is a proud moment that we can announce the launch of the computerized Hospital Management System which is focused on improving the efficiency of the procedures we had in the past so that we can accommodate and supply our patients with the service at the speed that they require.
As an institution we can assure the pace of our progress will cross all hurdles as we plan to install new machinery this year. We once again thank our Donor and our supporters for sharing this goal and boosting progress of the institution towards it.
I hope that you enjoy our Website as a way to learn moreĀ  and show you the progress of Ebrahim Haji Health Centre and how we are prepared to take care of the people of our community Particulary on the health industry in general.
At your service
Rahim Sadik
Administrator & Chief Accountant

Hospital Management System (HMS)

Hospital Management System (HMS) consists of 13 modules in total. Each module is developed in line with their respective departmental daily activities. This is aimed at capturing current activities and also resolving manual problems. The unity of these modules ensure that processes throughout the Health Centre are carried out efficiently to produce paramount results.

Ambulance Services

Ebrahim Haji Charitable Health Centre offers 24 hours AMBULANCE SERVICE with newly improved Basic Life Support (BLS) services . The Ambulatory Service has two ambulances, all with state of the art equipment and with Life Savings Drugs readily available.

The service can also transfer acutely ill patients over long distances while providing safe and quality care which meet or exceed the needs of the patient and their family.
Some of the facilities under the Ambulance:

  • Life saving drugs
  • Anti Septic drugs
  • First Aid Materials
  • Trained Nurses
  • Expert Doctors
  • Stretchers
  • Oxygen Cylinders
Help line : 022 2114996
Contact Person: Supervisor on Duty / Matron




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